giovedì 24 settembre 2009


venerdì 21 agosto 2009

Thinking about it...

This week, from the 8 to the 10th of august i went to my scout camp, in a region of italy, the Abruzzo, partially destroyed by an earthquake in April.
I talked with my friends about this big trip i'm (we're) gonna do, and i decided....
that is better to do it by BIKE, because:
  1. is faster
  2. if it's faster, we can visit more the cities we pass by
  3. it's easier
  4. i like it
so, we can do it!

giovedì 30 luglio 2009

A great voyage, as the name says

hello everybody!

This blog is an arrival, for me and for Jordan. WHY??
We met last year in belgium, during an AFS experience. I was thinking about a grat road trip all alone for this summer, but at the end she changed my mind: we'll have this trip togheter, with some of the other exchange students who lived in Belgium.

So, why this blog?
Because I think that everybody, even people we don't know, could come with us, living on the road: it's the chance to meet new people, isn't it?

The trip will start from the north of italy, and than we'll go to the south by the tirrenian coast; we'll visit florence, rome, naples, etc. We'll arrive in sicily and than up again in sardeigne by boat. Finally, Genova and Milan, and than back to my house in Verone.

All this trip, that will take almost 2 month and a half, is gonna be done walking (yeah, for the sea there are boats, but you can still walk on a boat :-)).

I hope you'll come!